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  • Class A #2705 085688A
  • Master Gas Fitter #2710 042289
  • National Propane Gas Association Member
  • Virginia Propane Gas Association Member
  • Master HVAC


Our President, Michael Kerlin, was born into the gas business. He wasn’t born at our plant, however he may as well have been. His grandfather, William Hollingsworth, who is legendary in the gas business had already been faithfully meeting Virginia’s L.P. Gas needs for many years. Michael saw his grandfather sell off his plants in Richmond, Woodbridge and VA Beach to large corporations that were trying to corner the market. He watched his mother and father, whom he worked for as he grew and learned every facet of the gas business, work through a dealership of their own. It was well know that these dealerships were only temporary. With buyouts and takeovers commonplace in the industry, dealerships were being terminated all across the United States. With hard work and strong customer satisfaction numbers, The Kerlin Corporation, T/A Dixie Gas, stayed strong from an amazing 17 years, and was one of the last independent dealerships to transfer on the East Coast. Michael, who refused to work for the corporate firms, decided to follow in his grandfathers footsteps. After graduating from Christopher Newport University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance Degree, Michael formed Dixie Fuel Company, Inc. He is quoted “I saw that there was a need, and there would continue to be need, for a reliable gas service, and I knew that I could meet these needs here locally. I think everyone deserves a safe, dependable gas provider without getting taken to the cleaners!”

Now you’ve got him started! (a letter from the President)

Thank you for visiting us here at dixiefuelcompany.com. I think you will find this site to be very informative and extremely beneficial when making any decisions you may be facing. But again, myself, as well as the rest of my staff, are only a phone call away so don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. We pride ourselves on our services so please let us help you. Speaking of staff, I hope that you will have a chance to visit the section of this website (contact us) to look at the staff that I have been fortunate enough to acquire. They are not only experienced but also they know the value of satisfied customers. Their core values also include:

  • A kind, friendly, working relationship always beginning and ending with a smile.
  • A clean and tidy workstation. They will leave places that they have worked cleaner than when they got there.
  • A safe and secure system. Employees will always provide a safe atmosphere while at the jobsite as well as providing an environment that is permanently safe for the future.
  • A desire to for customers to be comfortable. Employees will educate customers on all gases and their systems, and then require customers to operate systems while observing. (This makes a big difference, we know that if a customer is not comfortable with the system or its appliances, they won’t use them and are of no value to them. So please, if you ever feel uncomfortable about something, let us know so we can clear up anything and make you feel 100% at ease.)
  • A desire for customers to have economical peace of mind. Employees will explain prices fully, give estimates to the best of their ability, and help with all warranties and guarantees, made by us and appliance manufacturers. Remember 90% of our business comes from our reputation, and/or word of mouth. This is why we can and do offer the best value in products, services, or even better, package plans.

We hope that you can get as excited about getting your new services as we are about serving you! But most of all we hope that after our relationship has formed, whatever it may be, you will tell friends and family about your experience so that we can serve them as well. Thank you for visiting us and may God bless you all!


Mike Kerlin
Owner - Dixie Fuel Company

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