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Q - How do I know what size gas logs I need for my fireplace?

A - Gas logs vary in sizes. However, this is a good rule of thumb. Measure the width of the front opening of your fireplace. (Average fireplace is 36 inches which would take a standard 24 inch log.) If your fireplace opening width is less than 36 inches then you would take an 18 inch log set. If your opening is 36 to 42 inches you would need a 24 inch log set. If your opening is more than 42 inches then a 30 inch log set may be right for you however, a 24 inch set still looks good in some larger fireplaces. This is all included in our estimate and design service (which is free when you deal with us).

Q - Is it really necessary for me to get a remote control?

A - Excellent question. Most all of our sets (unless you specifically ask to not have it) are remote control capable. Why? Well here’s the thing – we have been doing this for a long time. We know how people feel about this. People would say “No I don’t care about some fancy remote control” so we would given them a less expensive manual set. One to two years later they would call telling us how they were getting tired of bending down to light the fire every time and that they wanted to add a remote. Problem is the only way to do that is to buy an entire new set of logs. So our solution, buy the set that is remote capable. You don’t have to buy the remote now but at least it leaves that option open for you later. And a final point on this matter, millivolt means remote or switch capable. These sets do cost us a little more but they are worth it. Many times customers would call us and say that they saw the same log set that we sell for the same price or less. We knew this was impossible! Turns out the logs look the same however theirs were manual and ours were millivolt! Buyer beware! Make sure that you are comparing apples with apples.

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