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While our #1 product here is propane, also known as L.P. Gas, we also carry a variety of appliances for propane and natural gas. Our most popular appliance being our gas logs, so let’s start there.

Being a member of the National Propane Gas Association allows us to attend many shows, events, and exhibits. One of these is the annual NPGA Southeastern convention in Atlanta. This lasts for 5 days and is so big it takes most of that time to thoroughly see everything. This is where Michael views top name brands, goes over safety and durability statistics, and checks all warranty information. All of our gas logs are Design Approved. This is the highest approval rating gas appliances can receive.

After determining the best valued logs based on the above information, we purchase the logs in bulk quantity. This provides us with a low cost as well as free shipping. We have always been a wholesaler for contractors, but we now sell to the public as well. Therefore, now the savings is passed on directly to the consumer!

Now we ask that you read through some of the most  frequently asked questions (FAQ) to gain even more valuable information.

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