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Propane Gas Delivery

Of all our satisfied customers, there probably is none more vocal than our loyal propane gas consumers. They have a right to voice their opinion, and so we will let them and let you read them in our customer comment section. You can even write in and have your comment on this section. We hear everything from “I was able to pay for my entire Christmas because I switched to Dixie” to “The way your guys work during emergencies like Isabel and ice storms with their quick response time gives me a peace of mind that can’t be bought”. With that being the jest of our two most popular comments, we’ll explain just how we provide the best service for the lowest possible price.

A. Location – We are located within 10 minutes of the Yorktown refinery. This refinery supplies propane up and down the entire east coast. Once again by buying direct, this eliminates middlemen and transportation cost, and the savings is passed on. Location helps on the service also because we are centrally located on the peninsula and are locally owned and operated, we always have someone on call to meet any emergency needs that may arise.

B. Delivery Schedules – While the location savings is self explanatory, the savings of delivery schedules is slightly more complex. The trick is to pump as many gallons as possible at each stop. This reduces the overhead on each gallon, and therefore reduces total price. For simplification purposes let’s make up a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that propane cost the dealer $1.00 per gallon. For simplification purposes let’s ignore all other costs like truck expense, insurance, diesel, office expense, and all overhead. But let’s say the driver makes $15.00 per hour. Let’s also assume that a particular customer takes 1 hour delivery time from start to finish. Now if this particular customer was to need 1 gallon of propane, then the company would have to charge $16.00 per gallon to break even (cost = 1.00 per gallon + $15.00 labor) However, if that customer took 100 gallons of propane, the total cost would be $115.00. This would make the break even price per gallon (115/100) $1.15. Therefore, we route our customers to maximize volume and reduce prices. We do this with scheduled deliveries as well as those on call. We work a different section of the peninsula once every ten business days.

At the end, we start over when the weather calls for it. In the heart of winter it is a constant cycle and our heating customers are filled once every two weeks or once a month. On call customers are slightly different. Usually firelog gas users, the on call customers use different amounts so we want to eliminate unnecessary fills to keep costs down. These customers call in when 1 tank is empty of when a large tank gets down to 20%. When they call in we put them on the route with everyone else in their neighborhood. Therefore, they will get gas within a timeframe that will keep them from running out, and still keep their cost down!

We also offer complete piping services for propane or natural gas appliances such as firelogs. Our expert staff members can assist you with any gas needs or questions you may have.

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